Hours & Fees

All cats must be in a carrier and all dogs must be on a leash.

Wellness Clinic Hours

Wellness Clinic hours are typically available Monday – Thursday. Extended hours and closures will be posted on our Facebook page and our website.

*Please note – if you are more than 10 minutes LATE for your Wellness Clinic appointment, you will need to reschedule. Thank you for understanding!

Due to COVID-19, humans are encouraged to wear a mask while on the premises, covering the nose and mouth. If you would like a mask when you arrive let our staff know. Thank you for helping our community stay safe!

Office Fees

Pets Alive is NOT a full service veterinarian. We offer limited wellness and vaccination services at a low cost.

Pets Alive charges a $10 Office Exam Fee for each pet visiting the Wellness Clinic.

Pets over 5 months of age that have not been spayed or neutered are charged an additional $25 Unaltered Pet Fee, consistent with our mission as a spay/neuter clinic. The Unaltered Pet Fee can then be applied towards that pet’s spay or neuter surgery within the next year.

Office Exam Visit $10
Unaltered Pet Fee $25

Important instructions when scheduling online

  1. Request your appointment. Complete all of the questions; it is very important that we have both your and your pet’s correct information. Next, select all of the service you would like your pet to have during the visit. We can add services at arrival but it is important to have the majority of the services be in the initial appointment request. We must have an email address to email your forms to you to sign once your appointment is approved.
  2. We will review the request to schedule. If we have questions we will call before confirming the appointment.
  3. Once we approve the appointment you will receive an email confirmation and the appropriate form (SN Consent for surgery or Wellness Form for vaccine clinic) will be in the email as a link to open and complete.
  4. Complete the forms in the entirety. We must have all questions that have blue answer boxes completed before you send the form back to the clinic.

Still have questions?  Call the clinic for guidance.

Wellness Clinic Services