H.O.P.E. Club

What is the H.O.P.E. Club?

H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Out Pets Everyday.

Recurring, monthly and quarterly donations are critical to the work of Pets Alive. Being able to count on and budget with these funds in mind allows us to move into the future implementing specific projects and making critical purchases.

As a member of the Pets Alive H.O.P.E. Club, committing to give at least $10 each month, you’ll receive a Pets Alive tote bag, your name on the H.O.P.E. Club sign in our lobby, and one free entry in our annual Pet Photo and Calendar Contest! You’ll also know that you’re making a tangible difference, helping to make our community a kinder place.

You can easily set up a convenient, recurring donation on our website. Simply adjust your donation frequency to “monthly.”

Thank you for supporting Pets Alive!

H.O.P.E. Highlights