Spay & Neuter Prices

Prices of our services are affordable to provide access for everyone.  Our supporters and friends make these low prices possible!

  • Must be at least 2lbs or 2 months
  • Under 100lbs only
  • Must be at least 2lbs or 2 months
Basic Feral Cat Package
  • Must come in live trap
  • Includes mandatory ear tip
  • Includes Rabies and FVRCP vaccines
  • Includes Roundworm treatment
Feral Cat Plus Package
  • Must come in live trap
  • Includes mandatory ear tip
  • Includes everything included in the Basic Feral Cat Package
  • PLUS tapeworm treatment

Additional Fees

Rabies Certificate

Current paper rabies vaccination certificate is required (a tag is not sufficient), or there will be an additional $20 fee for rabies vaccination with surgery. The rabies vaccine is required by Indiana state law.

Health Needs

Occasionally, there may be additional charges depending on each animal’s individual needs and circumstances. Please understand that we will automatically do what is medically necessary to keep each animal healthy and safe during surgery. Common examples include repairing open hernias ($20), inguinal hernia repair ($40), cryptorchid/undescended testicle retrieval ($15), flea treatment ($5) or extra subcutaneous fluids ($5-10). Fees related to pregnancy include an animal in heat ($15), a pregnant cat ($15), a pregnant dog up to 50lbs ($25), and a pregnant dog over 50lbs ($40). We will call to alert you of extra fees prior to pickup.

Late Fees

Check-in for scheduled surgery is 8:00am. If you arrive after 8:45am, a $20 fee will be charged if we are able to get your animal in late. (Timing matters in order to get patients home the same day. Thank you for understanding!)

Financial Assistance

As of the summer of 2022, requests for spay/neuter financial assistance need to be made directly through Pet Friendly Services of Indiana. Requests need to be made prior to your pet’s scheduled surgery. Their phone number is:  317-767-7771.

Ready to Schedule?

Pets Alive is current booking surgeries between 4-6 weeks out. Please review the Additional Fees section and make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines before surgery. If you’re ready to schedule, you can now conveniently do so online.