Meet Bandit

One cold spring morning, a caring community member found an injured puppy on the side of the road. Its front leg had been broken in a car accident, and the whining pup was unable to walk to safety. Bandit, as this run-away puppy came to be known, was a very lucky dog. He was found by none other than Pets Alive’s licensed and highly qualified veterinarian Dr. Nancy Ferguson, DVM, who helped see this four-month-old puppy through his toughest days. Dr. Ferguson brought Bandit to Pets Alive, where she would perform a life-saving surgery.

While Pets Alive specializes in spay and neuter, Dr. Ferguson took it upon herself to ensure Bandit had the resources and medical care to make a full recovery. Bandit’s injuries were so extensive that the only way to save his life was to remove his front left leg. While the amputation was unavoidable, Bandit was still young enough to easily adjust to walking on three legs.

But Bandit recovered far faster than anyone ever anticipated! This puppy has a loving and tenacious spirit like no other. The staff was so enamored by Bandit that he even stayed for an extra two weeks as the staff taught him how to walk on three legs. See the video below. Bandit was reunited with his family and now lives a happy life thanks to the incredible hard work of our staff. None of this would be possible without our supporters!