Staff Members

Mackenzie smiling

Mackenzie Adams

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Mackenzie graduated from Indiana University in 2018 and has been working in Bloomington since then. She works remotely creating social media posts, email newsletters, print materials, and updating the website. Mackenzie is passionate about the mission at Pets Alive and loves seeing all the animals we care for. She had many different pets growing up, but for now is only caring for her bunny, Pepper.

Magen smiling at work

Magen Brown

Veterinary Assistant

Magen became a vet tech in 2013 and worked in the field until she had her son in 2019. After being a stay-at-home mom for a few years, she was excited to join our team and work with animals again. Magen has several pets at home as well, including a duck named Darla, a guinea pig named Morgana, and 4 dogs named Queenie, Princess, Damon and Gracie.

Angela Carr

Lead Veterinary Assistant

Angela has been a Veterinary Assistant with Pets Alive since 2017. Our resident “Cat Lady”, she spends her days in the Cat Room, checking in all the cats and ferals and alerting the vet to any health issues, administering anesthesia, then providing post-op care as everyone recovers from surgery. Angela has two sons: Avery, a Political Science major at IU, and Ethan, currently at Boot Camp with the USMC. Her love of animals continues at home for her two dogs, Cheesy Larry and Brawndo, and her cats, Keira O’Patrick and Pocket.

Dr. Nancy Ferguson


Dr. Ferguson graduated from Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1985. After eight years of private practice, she began working with spay/neuter clinics and participated in the Association of Shelter Veterinarian’s Task Force to Advance Spay and Neuter. In 2005, Dr. Ferguson was the first veterinarian to join the Pets Alive team, performing the first spay surgery at the clinic. In 2015, she also performed the 100,000th surgery.

Suzanne Hampton

Administrative Assistant

Suzanne has lived in Bloomington for 30 years and came to us in March 2019 after 15 years of customer service. She wanted to work somewhere that matters and loves that she gets to make a positive impact on the lives of cats and dogs. Suzanne enjoys working with her co-workers, and the animals she gets to cuddle is an awesome perk! She has lots of pets herself including 3 dogs – Glorria, Daphanne, and Twiggie. Suzanne adopted her dogs after fostering them and has rescued and fostered/adopted many cats as well.

Allison Hess

Executive Director

Allison is a long-time member of the Pets Alive board of directors and a former veterinary technician. She earned degrees in Animal Behavior from the University of Michigan and Education from Indiana University. Allison cares for numerous Pets Alive and Bloomington Animal Shelter graduates, as well as a flock of hens rescued from factory farms. She has lived in Bloomington since the last century and has a broad range of nonprofit leadership experience.

Mary Judson

Office Manager

Mary is from Connecticut but she has lived in Bloomington for over 20 years. She was previously an office manager for 14 years before joining our team in January 2019. She loves greeting the animals every day and working for a cause that she believes in. Mary has 4 dogs and 5 cats of her own that greet her every day when she comes home.

Dr. Theresa Navarro


Dr. Navarro was born and raised in Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota Veterinary School in 2002. She started her career focusing on spay/neuter and shelter medicine, working at two animal shelters—one in Minnesota and one in Nevada. Dr. Navarro then relocated to Indiana to focus on spay/neuter full-time. Currently, her time at Pets Alive is split between surgery and our Wellness Clinic. Dr. Navarro lives in Greene County on nine acres with her family, which includes people, pets, and farm animals.

Christy Parks

Veterinary Assistant

Christy has 25 years of experience in veterinary medicine before joining our team in 2021. She is enjoying working with the team at Pets Alive towards the mission of minimizing unwanted pets. Christy lives in Mitchell with her dog Reese and cat Sissy.

Angie Tomlinson

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Angie has over 20 years of experience working with animals including owning her own grooming shop for 18 years. She received a veterinary degree from Harrison College is 2011 and worked as a head surgery nurse at BloomingPaws. Angie has a passion for affordable animal welfare and enjoys assisting surgeries to help animals. She has a Boxer at home named Gibbs, a Boston Terrier named Anna and a rescue ferret named Ferrett Bueler.

April Sconyers

Administrative Assistant

April joins our team after several years of being a stay at home mom with her two children and their cat. She has previously worked at a vet kennel and is excited to be working with animals again. April’s favorite part is seeing all of the cute dogs– she feels this is really rewarding work.

Cathy Williamson

Veterinary Assistant

Cathy grew up in Nashville, Indiana where she helped her father train Beagles. She joined the Pets Alive team in 2006. Cathy works to keep the recovery rooms clean and enjoys giving all the animals love like they are her own. She believes in our mission and enjoys working to help keep animals out of shelters. Cathy has rescued 3 dogs and a cat she now calls her children – Minnie Moo, Allie, Sarah and Birdie.

Jamie Wires

Operations Director

Jamie began her career in animal welfare at White River Humane Society and has over 16 years of experience in shelter medicine and animal behavior. She joined our team in May 2013 as a Veterinary Assistant to help decrease pet overpopulation in our area. With over 7 years’ experience in many capacities of Pets Alive, Jamie is currently our Operations Director. She shares her home with dogs Sunny, Daisy Mae, Ruger, Rocket, Ally and several cats.

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