Pets Alive is NOT a Full Service Veterinarian

Our limited wellness services are intended for healthy cats and dogs only. We can provide no veterinary care or advice other than that which is directly and immediately related to those services. Below is a list of full-service veterinarians treating cats and dogs in the Bloomington area.

Veterinarians in Bloomington & Monroe County:

Arlington Heights Vet Hospital
(812) 332-6955
(812) 333-2273
Bloomington Veterinary Hospital
(812) 339-6115
Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic(812) 336-8029
College Mall Veterinary Hospital
(812) 334-1400
Combs Vet Clinic
(812) 825-4464
Pet Housecalls (Dr. Art Woodruff)
(812) 824-4449
Town & Country Veterinary Clinic(812) 332-1429

Veterinarians Beyond Monroe County:

Bean Blossom Animal Clinic
(812) 988-7922
Bloomfield Veterinary Clinic(812) 384-4483
Animal Care Clinic, Bedford(812) 279-1516
Animal Hospital of Bedford(812) 275-4979
Bedford Veterinary Medical Centre(812) 275-7501
Spring Mill Veterinary Services(812) 849-4525
Stonebrook Animal Hospital(812) 279-4131
Town & Country Vet Clinic of Spencer(812) 829-4690