Flea & Tick Prevention

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Protect Your Pet

Fleas can cause severe skin damage, allergic skin reactions, and anemia in pets. Fleas are easily spread between humans and animals and can even transmit tapeworms.

Ticks are most commonly located in wooded areas. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They can cause paralysis as well as painful skin lesions. Fleas are killed outside only through a hard freeze and can live year round inside the home. Our vets recommend year-round application.

Dog Preventatives


Single Dose $14
3-Month Supply $30

Sentinel Spectrum

Single Dose $12
3-Month Supply
    2-8 lbs $45
    8-25 lbs $45
    26-50 lbs $55
    51-100 lbs $65


Seresto Collar

8-Month Supply $59

Cat Preventatives

Seresto Collar

8-Month Supply $59


Single Dose $14
3-Month Supply $30