Dental Program for Shelters

Can you imagine performing dental work for every pet in need at the shelter? We can!! Pets Alive transports about 60 animals every single day from shelters in 25 counties. Those shelters have shared a great need with us – dental care. Sadly, 80% of cats and dogs show significant dental problems by age three. With a basic dental averaging $400, most shelters cannot afford pricey dental work for their animals. This means many animals who require extensive dental work sit at the shelter and wait for a family to take on that financial burden. Wait no more!

Pets Alive is launching a NEW Dental Program exclusive for shelter pets! The goal of this new program is to make pets more adoptable and shift the financial burden off the shelters and pet owners. Animals with clean teeth are much more likely to be adopted. We want to help these pets to find their forever homes by offering high-quality, low cost dentals to shelter animals.

Help provide dentals to shelter animals